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Hello Everyone, My Name is Abhishek, I am an Engineering student. The blogging is my HOBBY. This blog is based on Android Games and Apps, Windows Software, and Some Computer based problem and solution.

I started my blogging carried almost in 2015, in that day's i was not matured i don't need so much money therefore i wrote 2,3 article in the blog and watch for visitors, till 1 month i watched for blog traffic i thought it's a fake, so i leave it.

In these day's i was matured and i was fully believe google security and their terms and condition, i saw lot of you tube videos and again i started writing a post, unfortunately these day's also i can't get traffic.

I saw a one video about the traffic he/she said purchase the domain, after purchasing the domain the traffic are comes like a Everest, so i purchase a domain and link it to my blog name it as "coderforcoders.com" unfortunately i won't gate traffic.

now i believe in my content, i write thousands of article even get a single dollar also. i will put my maximum effort and use ranking keywords and wait for SEO ranking.

the above all is my story who read this story all of you thank you so much.

Name: Abhishek Hegde
Gmail: coderforcoders@gmail.com

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