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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Mission shakti, India to have A-Sat missile

       India successfully conducted the A-Sat test and achieved a great success in it. Our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi ji announced it around 12:30 PM today (27 march 19). Now India became the 4th country to have such a technology after USA, China and Russia. It is a proud moment for every Indian. The DRDO scientists detroyed a live satellite on LEO (Low Earth Orbit) around 300 km above the surface of the earth. The mission was completed in just 3 minutes and it was code named as Mission Shakti   

What is  A-SAT?

        Anti Satellite (ASAT) is a weapon used to destroy satellites. It has wide range of usages. It can be used in warfare, strategic military purposes, and can also be used to shoot down the defunct satellites. This weapon shows the strength of the country and make it a space super power country.

A-SAT Club:

        India is now the 4th country to have the A-SAT missile in the word. The other countries are USA, China and Russia. 


      USA started their ASAT research in the year of 1950, after some unsuccessful attempts, they finally succeeded on September 13 1985 and becomes the words first country to have ASAT weapon. Recently USA navy shoot down a spy satellite called USA-193 on February 21 2008


      After USA's successful satellite intercept in 1985, after 22 years China becomes the second country to achieve the technology. China successfully tested ASAT missile on January 11 2007. The People's Republic of china successfully destroyed defunct weather satellite FY-1C, about 855 Km 



        Russia had started working on such kind of projects in the year of 1980, but unfortunately after the collapse of Soviet Union that project was put on hold. In 2009 Russian forces announces the restarting of the project and Russia tested their A-SAT missile called PL-19 Nudol in November 18 2015.   


          India started its ASAT project in the year of 2012, by DRDO ( Defense Research and Development Organization ) in collaboration with ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization ). India Successfully tested its ASAT missile on 27 march 2018 and becomes the 4th country to have such technology.  India Shoot down a live satellite above 300 km. The mission code named  as MISSION SHAKTI

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